Welcome Mason-Dixon Athletes!!!! March 7th Team Meeting Reminder

Welcome Mason-Dixon Athletes, we would like to welcome everyone to what will be a fun and exciting year!!! Listed below is some important information you will need to know.

Team Meeting:
We are less than a week away from our kick off Team Meeting on March 7th at 6:30pm at Jefferson Sportsmen. This meeting is mandatory for all members and parents. We will be presenting important program information along with volunteer needs and our competition schedule.

Parent participation required:
This is not intended to be a drop off program. A parent or responsible adult is required to be present for any member under 18. If you have an occasion where you have something you must do, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for another parent/adult to take responsibility for your child.

Email and Website:
As I hope you can appreciate, communicating with a group this size is not easy so making phone calls to relay information is just not possible. All of our information will be sent to you via email. Please read what you get and reply as soon as possible when asked. Our website, MasonDixonClayBusters.com, contains lots of valuable information including copies of most of the emails that are sent out. It also contains an up-to-date schedule of events. This will be your go to place for event dates, times, and locations.

Cancellation due to weather:
We rarely cancel due to weather, but when we do it is a last minute decision. The past few years we have been using a service that goes by the name Remind to send out important notifications and last minute communications to our members. Remind is a free, safe, easy-to-use communication tool that helps us connect instantly with participants and parents. To receive messages via text, text @mdcb to (412) 927-1441. Or to receive messages via email, send an email to mdcb@mail.remind.com.

Use of personal firearms:
If you own a Firearm that you would like to use (pending safety inspection) you are welcome to bring it along to the first practice. If you need a loaner gun please contact us at coach@masondixonclaybusters.com and make arrangements.

Thanks to the NRA we have some ammo to handout; however, it is your responsibility to bring two or three boxes of ammo with you to every practice. For ammo recommendations see our downloadable handout…What ammo should I purchase?

Clothing & Safety Equipment:
Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for outside weather. In cooler weather layers work best. Jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, tee shirts are all fine. Shotgun shooters should avoid wearing hoodies or bulky jackets with big collars as they tend to bunch up around the shoulders making proper gun mount difficult. Make sure you wear sturdy closed toe shoes. Sandals or open toe shoes will NOT be permitted on the firing line. Although not required, I highly encourage everyone to wear a hat.

Eye and ear protection must be worn by ALL STUDENTS while live fire is in progress. If you have eye and ear protection, please bring it with you. Spectators are also encouraged to use eye and ear protection. Early in the season much of our shooting will be done under the lights, please make sure you have eye protection with light lenses, dark lenses do not work well in low light or under the lights.

Help Needed:
Support from our parents is the backbone of this program. We will be forming committees so that the burden of these jobs will not fall on any one person. Many hands make light work. Please consider where you can pitch in and come to the team meeting in March prepared to sign up. If prior to the meeting you have any questions or need additional details just let me know.

  • Photo Committee
    • Group of a few people from each of our disciplines that will take photos of team events and create a place on the web to share them with the group. Looking for people with a nicer camera but I’ll take people with a nice cell phone camera.
  • Travel Committee
    • Group that will help plan away trips…hotels, food, drinks, activities, etc.
  • Fundraising/Boosters Committee
    • Group to develop and organize a fundraiser and will help me petition businesses for donations.
  • Trap Practice Food
    • A couple people that would prepare something very simple like hotdogs and chips at our Trap practices. This supports our shooters, families, and coaches on busy weeknights.
  • Pullers and Scores
    • Group that learns how to correctly score and runs the scoring at our practices.
      • Trap
      • Sporting
      • Skeet
      • Pistol
  • Trap House Helpers
    • Adult volunteers that keep the trap houses full

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask. I look forward to seeing everyone on March 7th at 6:30pm at Jefferson Sportsmen. Directions are listed on our website MasonDixonClayBusters.com