Week 4 – Update

  • This week will be our last Trap practice at IWLA… next week (5/8/13) we will be at Jefferson Sportsmen.
  • Food this Wednesday will be Chicken BBQ and Hot-dogs. Shannon and Vicki have been doing a great job and having food available has been a real blessing! Please ask them if there is something you can do to help or donate to the cause.
  • Sporting Clays practice this Thursday (5/2/13) at Hopewell.
  • We have a combination Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays practice at Loch Raven on May 11th and everyone who participates must complete their New Shooter Registration  Go to (http://www.lochravenskeettrap.com/newshooterintro.php) and do their “NEW SHOOTER REGISTRATION”. Don’t wait until the last minute to get this done, do it now!
  • I need to put our squads together for the State Shoots but when I looked at our signup book I was very disappointed to see how few of you have signed up. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR STATE SHOOTS!
  • Papa John’s Fundraiser – Papa John’s Coupons $20.00 each. Each sheet has over $20 in savings. Each coupon sheet sold $10 to Papa John’s and $10 to the seller. Each seller can use their proceeds towards any cost for shooting events (States, Nationals, etc.) Coupons are available at the kitchen on Wednesday nights. Fundraiser will end on May 29th. See Vicki or Shannon for more information.