Trap is officially moving to Tuesday

Holding Trap practice on Wednesday has been a problem and something we have wanted to change for years. Most of the churches in the area hold their youth group on Wednesday nights. We have a lot of team members, and potential team members, who are struggling with this conflict. I support and encourage attending youth group and never want to put a kid in a position to choose shooting over church or vice-versa.

We have worked out a plan with our ranges and coaches to move our Trap practices to Tuesday evenings. It will take some adjusting for some, and I thank you for that; however, I believe this is a positive move for the program and it will benefit us in the long run.

Starting spring of 2017 all Trap practices and team meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings. Our new schedule and registration is being finalized and you should be receiving information sometime mid to late November. As always, current team members will have first opportunity to register before registration is opened to the public.

Thank you for your continued support as we make this transition!