Team Meeting Follow-up

Great seeing everyone last night!!! Just a quick follow up from last night’s meeting,

  • Great news, we will have ammo to distribute at practices!!!! Marcia and I plan to pick up enough to get us through the next few weeks of practice. Hopefully our grant ammo will be in by then and it will cover us for the rest of the year. Unfortunately we won’t have any extra room so I can’t take any orders at this time.
  • Remember, Athletes are responsible for bringing 2 boxes of ammo with them to practice. If you’re looking for 12 gauge ammo look for 12 Gauge 2 ¾ dram 1 oz. (#7.5 or #8) loads. If you’re one of our new shooters and you need help with your ammo or any of your required equipment call me (717-235-0743) and I’ll be glad to give you a hand.
  • New shooters and parents…Don’t get overwhelmed with all the stuff on the Mason-Dixon Calendar. Most of you are only shooting American Trap so you are only looking for the events in GREEN. Here is a link to the calendar with only the trap events. If you have any questions send me an email or give me a call and I would be glad to help.
  • Raffle… I forgot to talk about the raffle last night. Each athlete on the team is asked to sell a minimum of 10 tickets…if you can sell more great. As an incentive the athlete who sells the most tickets receives $100, and the athlete who sells the winning ticket will get $50!!!! Tickets were handed out last night, if you didn’t get yours or if you need more see Marcia at any practice.
  • Here is a link to a map showing the location of the road closure we talked about last night that affects how you can get to the Izaak Walton range.