Sporting Clays & Trap Divisions Information


Lunch is provided to all of the Athletes at the PA SCTP Sporting Clays Championship @ Blue Ridge Sportsman Club on June 20, 2015 however I need to know ASAP who (parents/guests) would like to buy a Lunch. I have until this Thursday, June 4, 2015 to put the team’s order in. Please respond to this email or see Marcia at Practice to sign up.

COST: $7.00


  • Burgers/Cheese burger
  • Sausages Hot/Sweet
  • Grilled Chicken/Chicken tenders
  • Cheese steak/ Chicken Cheese steak
  • Hot dogs
  • Pasta salad/Macaroni Salad
  • Ice Tea/Lemonade


REMINDER… We have moved this Thursday’s Sporting Clays Practice to Hopewell and instead of a regular practice we will be having a team competition. Here is your opportunity to win a buckle…Awards are listed below!!!!

  • High Overall (Antique Bronze oval buckle & Wood display base)
  • Runner-Up (Antique Bronze oval buckle & Wood display base)
  • Varsity Champion (Gold Shooting Medal)
  • Varsity Runner-Up (Silver Shooting Medal)
  • Junior Varsity Champion (Gold Shooting Medal)
  • Junior Varsity Runner-Up (Silver Shooting Medal)
  • Intermediate Champion  (Gold Shooting Medal)
  • Intermediate Runner-Up (Silver Shooting Medal)



This Saturday, June 6, 2015  is the MD AIM Trap Championship @ Harvey’s Cedar Gun Club. Lunch is provided to Athletes and guests. Please make sure you wear your team shirt. I don’t know are start times yet so until I find out please plan to arrive at 8:00AM.  Squads are listed below:

Division: Junior

  • Sterner, Chloe
  • Carpenter, Robbie
  • Tyler, Travis
  • Reed, Kristen
  • Patti, Gianna

Division: Sub-Junior

  • Thompson, Nathan
  • Cain, Brandon
  • LaBrozzi, Elijah
  • Cain, Brody
  • Sauers, Rachel

Division: Junior

  • Littman, Stuart
  • Wise, Darin
  • Adkins, Jeremy
  • Rooney, Sam
  • Shenk, Jake

Division: Sub-Junior

  • Riale, Daniel
  • Metzger, Nathan
  • Bell, David
  • Carpenter, Claire
  • Sterner, Dawson

Division: Junior Gold

  • Beardsley, Mark
  • Mann, Tori
  • Inch, Eric
  • Hayes, Ryan
  • Ondek, Michael