SCTP Nationals at Cardinal Center

I haven’t received anything “Official” from the SCTP regarding where Nationals will be held next year but a friend of mine just got back from a recent trip to Cardinal Center where they were handing out the flyers below. Again this is not “Official” but I think its safe to assume that we will be back in Ohio for the SCTP Nationals in 2017.

I have included a link to the hotel Marcia and I booked for next year. They have a “No up front charge -FREE Cancellation” rate that you may want to consider booking. Again that is for the nights of July 7th with a check out date of July 16th. Make sure that whatever you do you have the ability to cancel without penalty if something were to change.

Also, there have been a few people talking about camping together next year. Dennis DeVoe has offered to put together a list so when the Cardinal Center campground opens up we will be ready to go. Please see Dennis if you’re interested in camping with the group at Nationals next year.