Saturday's SCTP Sporting Clays Squad and Times

SCTP PA State Sporting Clays Shoot Schedule

7:30-8:30: OPEN, pastry & coffee available.
8:15-8:30: Coaches meeting at pavilion.
8:30-8:45: Opening Comments, meet at tent ready to shoot.
8:45-9:00: Squads should report to assigned stations.
9:00-11:30: AM scheduled squads shoot 100 targets.
11:00: PM squads start lunch!!!!!
12:00: All AM shooters report to pavilion/tent for lunch after completing the course.
12:45-1:00: PM shooters report to assigned starting shooting station.
1:00: PM scheduled squads shoot 100 targets.
2:00: Homemade Ice Cream available for those who purchased lunch at the tent.
AWARDS: All scores will be posted as soon as they come in. Please allow 1 hour after last squad comes in for award ceremony to begin.
8:30-2:00: Shooting games available.

AM shooters need to arrive no later than *8:00AM
PM shooters need to arrive no later than *11:00AM
*There will be over 200 shooters and their families at this event. It is going to be very crowded and parking is going be a problem. I would recommend you arrive early, bring yourself a chair, relax and enjoy the day.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, and extra ammo just in case. MAKE SURE YOUR GUN IS CLEAN AND IN GOOD WORKING ORDER. Also, if anyone has a canopy please bring it along.

AM Squads

2A 2.1 Dalton, James JV
GREEN 2.2 Barry, Donovan JV
2.3 Gibbs, Dan JV


15A 15.1 Reeves, Walter IE
PURPLE 15.2 Toomey, Sam IE
15.3 Simmons, Adam IE


 ? .1 Shenk, Kyle IA
TAN .2 Hayes, Ryan IE


PM Squads

1P 1.1 Beardsley, Luke C
ORANGE 1.2 Lehman, Brian C
1.3 Chronister, Jack C
1.4 Picone, Daniel C


3P 3.1 Filepas, Evan V
GRAY 3.2 Bailey, Ryan V
3.3 Beardsley, Mark V


8P 8.1 Cook, Dan V
BLUE 8.2 Beardsley, Stephanie V
8.3 Wetzel, Spencer V


11P 11.1 Banchiere, Brandon V
RED 11.2 Bailey, Sara V
11.3 Shenk, Jake JV