Saturday's AIM Squad Times and Banks

Our first squads are scheduled to go out at 11:30 AM. Please be at the range, ready to shoot, no later then 10:00. If you plan to shoot practice I would plan to arrive no later then 9:00AM. Make sure you sign-in as soon as you arrive.

Also, the PA Trap Shooting Hall of Fame is providing lunch to all AIM Shooters on Saturday!

Below is a listing of all our squads, banks, and times. Times are estimates and may very.

BLUE 1.1 Brosey, Matt
Squad 77 1.2 Shenk, Kyle
11:30 AM 1.3 Hayes, Ryan
Bank 5A 1.4 Shenk, Jake
1.5 Barry, Donovan


GRAY 2.1 Wise, Dalton
Squad 78 2.2 Banchiere, Brandon
11:30 AM 2.3 Bailey, Ryan
Bank 6A 2.4 Cook, Dan
2.5 Snyder, Caleb


GREEN 3.1 Riale, Daniel
Squad 89 3.2 Toomey, Sam
11:45 AM 3.3 Filepas, Calvin
Bank 5A 3.4 Simmons, Emily


ORANGE 4.1 Lehman, Brian
Squad 90 4.2 Inch, Eric
11:45 AM 4.3 Bailey, Sara
Bank 6A 4.4 Filepas, Evan
4.5 Gibbs, Dan


PURPLE 5.1 Reeves, Walter
Squad 91 5.2 Wise, Darin
11:45 AM 5.3 Simmons, Adam
Bank 7A 5.4 Simmons, Sarah


RED 6.1 Snyder, Jake
Squad 101 6.2 Chronister, Jack
12:00 PM
Bank 5A