Pennsylvania State Trap Shoot Results

WOW!!! What and fantastic weekend. Congratulations to all the youth shooters who participated in the event. After two days of shooting at the Pennsylvania State Shoot the results are in. The gang from Mason-Dixon did very well and took home a bunch of hardware…below are the details.  Thanks to all the coaches and parents who worked so hard to make this weekend special for the kids!!


Pennsylvania AIM Trap Championship – Saturday June 8, 2013

1st Place Pre-Sub Squad

  • Sterner, Dawson
  • Filepas, Calvin
  • Simmons, Emily


3rd Place Sub Junior Squad

  • Hayes, Ryan
  • Rooney, Sam
  • Stefano, Nick
  • Toomey, Sam
  • Riale, Daniel


2nd Place Senior Squad

  • Beardsley, Luke
  • Beardsley, Stephanie
  • Chronister, Jack
  • Lehman, Brian
  • Wise, Dalton


2nd Place Pre-Sub Individual

  • Sterner, Dawson


5th Place Junior Individual

  • Beardsley, Mark


3rd Place Senior Individual

  • Beardsley, Luke


Pennsylvania SCTP Trap Championship – Sunday June 9, 2013

2nd Place Intermediate Entry

  • Metzger, Nathan
  • Filepas, Calvin
  • Stefano, Nick
  • Sterner, Dawson
  • Bell, David


3rd Place Senior Varsity

  • Beardsley, Mark
  • Cook, Dan
  • Everett, Trey
  • Banchiere, Brandon
  • Snyder, Caleb


Rookie Individual

  • 1st Place – Sterner, Dawson
  • 2nd Place – Filepas, Calvin


College Individual

  • 1st Place – Wise, Dalton
  • 2nd Place – Lehman, Brian
  • 3rd Place – Beardsley, Stephanie