PEN-MAR Trap Shoot Information

Sorry I meant to go over this last night…. Please review and let me know if you have any questions. A link to the schedule is listed below.

Additional information regarding the PEN-MAR Regional Youth Trap Shoot on Sunday at Glen Rock

  • PEN-MAR Regional Youth Trap Shoot – SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2016
    • 100 16 YARD TRAP TARGETS
    • HOSTED BY: Glen Rock Shooting Club, 22 Winchester Rd, Shrewsbury, PA 17361, 717-227-1351
  • Come in the clubhouse and SIGN IN AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE.
  • Please make sure you wear your team shirt to the competition or at the very least bring it with you for award photos.
  • Please make sure your guns are clean and in good working order.
  • Ammo will NOT be provided by the team. Participants will need to bring at least 150 rounds of ammo with them to the shoot. You never know, you may be in a shoot off and you need an extra box. Also, we will be having a “Last Competitor Standing” for a leather bag at the end of the day so you’ll need extra ammo for that.
  • Some things you should consider bringing to the shoot; Gun (back-up gun if you have one), Ammo (extra for practice and shoot offs), Ear Protection, Shooting Glasses (extra if you have them), Lenses Cleaner and Clean Cloth, Shooting Vest or Shell Pouch, Two Extra Shells for your Vest or Pouch, Hat or Visor, Shooting Towel, Shell Catcher, Barrel Rest Pad, Tools, Cleaning Supplies and Extra Gun Parts, Gun oil or lube, Bag to hold empty shells, Sun Screen, Bug Spray, Bottled Water and Sport Drinks, Energy Bars or Healthy Snacks, Rain Gear, Bandages and Band Aids, Folding Chairs for Spectators and Shooters.
  • There will be limited seating so please encourage your families to bring chairs along with them.
  • The practice trap will open at 9am. It will be first come first served and I expect it will be very busy. Cost is $4/25 targets. Make sure you bring additional ammo if you plan to shoot a practice round.
  • Parking is going to be limited, please carpool if possible.
  • Food will be available to purchase onsite.
  • We will be selling raffle tickets to support PA Youth Shooting Association. Please let your families know and encourage them to participate.
  • We will be shooting 50 targets per trap. For those that have not done that before it’s not a big deal. You just shoot two rounds of 25 targets at your first house then you move to your second house and complete your last two rounds of 25.
  • We have a full house so to keep things moving please be mindful of the time shooters take between rounds.
  • Awards will be handed out after all shooting is complete. If everything goes as planned that will be around 5pm. Please plan to attend the awards so you can show your support to all of the winners.
  • Your squad number and estimated start time, is listed on the attachment. Please make sure you arrive on time, your squad mates are be depending on you. Most people will be there at 8:15am but at the very least arrive no later than one hour before your start time.
  • This is meant to be fun for the kids, the parents, & everyone involved. Let’s all try and remember that. Good sportsmanship is a MUST!

Link to PEN-MAR Trap Squads