PEN-MAR Regional Youth Sporting Clays Shoot Results

April 24, 2015 – The Blue Ridge Sportsman Club in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania played host to the inaugural PEN-MAR Regional Youth Sporting Shoot. Seventy-five youth shooters from the area participated in the 100 target sporting clays event.

Athletes ranging from 12 to 20 years old from Warren County, California Hill Gun Club, Quarry Crushers, Final Flight, Central Penn, along with the Mason-Dixon Clay Busters competed in the daylong event.

Jake Ruppert, of the Central Penn Crushers prevailed to win High Over All and Tori Mann, of the Mason-Dixon Clay Busters, took the High Lady award. Additional category and squad winners were as follows:

Category Score First Last Team
Open Third Squad 1 235  Dawson Sterner Mason-Dixon
Open Third Squad 2  Jacob Lloyd
Open Third Squad 3  Kyle Shenk
Open Runner-Up Squad 1 236 Christian Fragomeni Final Flight
Open Runner-Up Squad 2 Brooke Wakefoose
Open Runner-Up Squad 3 Robbie Hoecker
Open Champion Squad 1 249 Cameron Rogers Central Penn
Open Champion Squad 2 Jake Ruppert
Open Champion Squad 3 Greg Valdez
Intermediate Third Squad 1 154 Owen George Quarry
Intermediate Third Squad 2 Emma Manley
Intermediate Third Squad 3 Jared Kemmerer
Intermediate Runner-Up Squad 1 156 Michael Clouse Quarry
Intermediate Runner-Up Squad 2 Amber Freeh
Intermediate Runner-Up Squad 3 Josie Ungerer
Intermediate Champion Squad 1 159 Grant Heimbecker Quarry
Intermediate Champion Squad 2 Reese Williams
Intermediate Champion Squad 3 Ryder Kirsch
Junior Varsity Third Squad 1 174 Joe Badenhausen Quarry
Junior Varsity Third Squad 2 Brinton Gibbons
Junior Varsity Third Squad 3 Joshua Jones
Junior Varsity Runner-Up Squad 1 210 Anthony Razzano Quarry
Junior Varsity Runner-Up Squad 2 Erich Neise
Junior Varsity Runner-Up Squad 3 George Ungerer
Junior Varsity Champion Squad 1 225 Rich Larosa California
Junior Varsity Champion Squad 2 Dalton Mullen
Junior Varsity Champion Squad 3 Steve Martin
Varsity Third Squad 1 235 Luke Lightner Central Penn
Varsity Third Squad 2 Kevin Olcese
Varsity Third Squad 3 Eric Montefour
Varsity Runner-Up Squad 1 236 Matt Sweigart Warren
Varsity Runner-Up Squad 2 Blake Ristau
Varsity Runner-Up Squad 3 Brady Bowen
Varsity Champion Squad 1 252 Jesse Szwed Quarry
Varsity Champion Squad 2 Jamie Trontell
Varsity Champion Squad 3 Jake Moore
College Third 70 Hailey Kirsch Quarry
College Runner-Up 77 David Kriebel California
College Champion 87  Preston Whiteman Mason-Dixon
Intermediate Third 83  Dawson Sterner Mason-Dixon
Intermediate Runner-Up 84 Dalton White California
Intermediate Champion 85 Greg Valdez Central Penn
Junior Varsity Third 84 Erich Neise Quarry
Junior Varsity Runner-Up 85 Cameron Rogers Central Penn
Junior Varsity Champion 86 Dalton Mullen California
Varsity Third 84 Jesse Szwed Quarry
Varsity Runner-Up 85 Danny Mullen California
Varsity Champion 86 Jamie Trontell Quarry
High Overall Lady 75  Tori Mann Mason-Dixon
High Overall 87 Jake Ruppert Central Penn
High Overall Team Third 1 398 Jamie Trontell Quarry
High Overall Team Third 2 Jesse Szwed
High Overall Team Third 3 Jake Moore
High Overall Team Third 4 Erich Neise
High Overall Team Third 5 Gavin Snyder
High Overall Team Runner-Up 1 400 Danny Mullen California
High Overall Team Runner-Up 2 Dalton White
High Overall Team Runner-Up 3 Ron White
High Overall Team Runner-Up 4 Dalton Mullen
High Overall Team Runner-Up 5 Spencer Fereza
High Overall Team 1 408 Jake Ruppert Central Penn
High Overall Team 2 Greg Valdez
High Overall Team 3 Luke Lightner
High Overall Team 4 Eric Montefour
High Overall Team 5 Cameron Rogers