PA SCTP Sporting Clays squads and event information

Mason-Dixon splits up this weekend to compete in two State Championships. Good Luck to all our Athletes!!!

First up is the PA SCTP Sporting Clays Championship at Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club…..

Below are our Squads, Times, and Starting Stations for this Saturday’s (6/14/14) PA SCTP Sporting Clays Championship. Please make sure you are at the range, ready to shoot, one full hour before your listed start time. Shooters who are shooting the 11:30 flight, its my understanding that the food will all be put away when you get finished so make sure you add additional time to your arrival so that you can eat before you shoot. Make sure you bring at least 125 rounds of ammo and your team shirt. Listed below are also the families who signed up for carts and extra meals.

FYI…I plan to head up early Friday morning and have Mark and Steph shoot the practice course around noon. If you get there after 6:00PM you can shoot the Five Stand until dark. After our practice round we plan to find somewhere to eat and head back to the hotel. The Beardsley’s are staying at the Hampton Inn Tunkhannock. If anyone is up for the challenge, I’m sure we will play a game or two of spoons in the lobby Friday evening!!!!!

The day of the PA SCTP Sporting Clays Shoot, Saturday June 14th:

7:30AM – Kitchen open for breakfast
8:15AM – Coaches meeting at Tent
8:45AM to 9:00AM – AM shooters report to assigned Stations
9:00AM till 12:00PM – The AM squads Shoot
11:00AM – The PM Squads eat lunch
12:00PM till 3:00PM – The PM Squads Shoot
12:00PM – The AM Squads Eat Lunch
2:30PM Ice Cream will be served

In addition:

Practice 5-Stand will be open from 7:30AM till 3:00PM
Kitchen will be open all day
Limited Number of Shirts and hat will be for sale in the Club house.
Most of our course is in the woods so you might want to bring bug spray.
Port-a-potties will be on the course and in the parking area. Also the clubs rest rooms are open.

Mason-Dixon White Flight: 1 Time: 6/14/2014 9:00 AM Location: 3
Athlete 1: Sterner, Dawson    Intermediate/Entry Level
Athlete 2: Nelson, Edwin    Intermediate/Entry Level
Athlete 3: Lloyd, Jacob    Intermediate/Entry Level

Mason-Dixon Green Flight: 1 Time: 6/14/2014 9:00 AM Location: 10
Athlete 1: Hoppes, Ian    Intermediate/Advanced
Athlete 2: Simmons, Emily    Intermediate/Advanced
Athlete 3: Simmons, Adam    Intermediate/Advanced

Mason-Dixon Red Flight: 2 Time: 6/14/2014 11:30 AM Location: 1
Athlete 1: Hayes, Ryan    Senior/Varsity
Athlete 2: Beardsley, Mark    Senior/Varsity
Athlete 3: Barry, Donovan    Senior/Varsity

Mason-Dixon Blue Flight: 2 Time: 6/14/2014 11:30 AM Location: 7
Athlete 1: Guistwite, Ethan    Senior/Varsity
Athlete 2: Shenk, Kyle    Senior/Varsity
Athlete 3: Nelson, Grace    Senior/Varsity

Mason-Dixon Black Flight: 2 Time: 6/14/2014 11:30 AM Location: 13
Athlete 1: Riale, Daniel    Intermediate/Advanced
Athlete 2: Rooney, Sam    Senior/Jr. Varsity
Athlete 3: Zwolinski, Eric    Senior/Jr. Varsity

CP_Crushers_Var4 Flight: 1 Time: 6/14/2014 9:00 AM Location: 13A (Mixed Squad)
Athlete 1: Janney, Neil    Senior/Varsity
Athlete 2: Strand, Alex    Senior/Varsity
Athlete 3: Simmons, Sarah    Senior/Varsity

Mason-Dixon Purple Flight: 2 Time: 6/14/2014 11:30 AM Location: 6
Athlete 1: Lehman, Brian Collegiate
Athlete 2: Beardsley, Stephanie Collegiate
Athlete 3: Wetzel, Spencer Collegiate

Carts and Extra Meals
•    Simmons – 2 carts and 2 extra meals – $130 (Paid)
•    Beardsley – 2 carts and 2 extra meals – $130 (Paid)
•    Shenk – 1 cart and 1 extra meal – $65 (Paid)
•    Nelson – 1 cart and 3 extra meals – $85 (Paid)
•    Riale – 1 cart and 2 extra meals – $75 (Paid)
•    Rooney – 1 cart and 2 extra meals – $75 (Paid)
•    Lloyd – 1 extra meal – $10 (Paid)
•    Hayes – 1 cart and 1 extra meal – $65    (Paid)
•    Hoppes – 1 cart and 1 extra meal – $65 (Paid)
•    Barry- 1 cart and 2 extra meals – $75 (Paid)
•    Sterner – 2 extra meals – $20 (Paid)

Next up is the Maryland AIM Championship at Harvey’s Cedar Gun Club

Below are our squads for the Maryland AIM Shoot on June 14, 2014. If you have not paid please bring your payment ($27) in cash with you. Please plan to arrive at the shoot at 8:30AM as the shoot starts at 9:20AM. Lunch is provided for all participants and family members.

Dale Wise has volunteered to be Head Coach for the shoot, thanks Dale! They may need help scoring so please let Dale know if you can help.

Senior Squad
Wise, Dalton
Wise, Darin
Littman, Stuart
Inch, Eric
Adkins, Jeremy

Sub-Junior Squad
Metzger, Nathan
Cain, Brody
Cain, Brandon
Carpenter, Claire
Bell, David