Our ammo order is in!

Our ammo order is in!
Shooters will receive two boxes of ammo at each practice; you must attend practice to receive ammo. We received a different brand of ammo this year. Our new ammo is Winchester Super Target. If you don’t plan to use the ammo please do not take it.

Team Shirts
Our shirts are in and will be handed out on May 2. Please bring along payment for any extra shirts you may have ordered.

2012 Team photo
A photo with everyone wearing their nice new team shirts will be taken at our May 2th practice. Please don’t forget to bring those smiling faces!

High School
I need to get a list of everyone’s High School. If you’re not in high school or you home school, I would like to know what high school you would attend if you attended a public high school.

Competition Signup
If you haven’t done so already please make sure you sign up for our competitions. The last day to sign up is May 11th. Signup sheets for each of our competitions will be available at our practices, see Mrs. Marcia. If you plan to attend please put a “check mark” next to you name. If you know for sure that you are not attending, please put an “X” next to your name.

Skeet Meeting
I need to meet with everyone who plans to attends the PA SCTP Skeet Championship at Washington Sportsmen’s Association on June 23rd. I’m trying to setup a few practice dates and I would like your input.

I could really use some help with our fundraising program. I have been tied up with other aspects of the program and have not put in the time in like I have done in the past and as a result we are currently running about $800 over budget for the year. If you’re looking for a way to help this would be a great opportunity for you to get involved.