Nationals Update

Hello Everyone,
Yes, we are still in the midst of our month long coast to coast summer vacation but I thought I would send out an update regarding the SCTP National Championships that some of you recently attended.
First let me say that the SCTP Nationals were just awesome and I encourage everyone who will be shooting with Mason-Dixon next year to make plans to attend. Four days, one thousand five hundred young people and thousands of clay targets make for a wonderful time.

The reason for my delay in getting this out was I trying to wait until the championship results were finalized but unfortunately the final results are still not complete. There was a huge mess up and most of the scoring rules were changed at the last second. This mess up resulted in a lot of confusion and even lead to the Director of the SCTP resigning. Hopefully they can clean up the mess and get the SCTP back on track.

Anyway, what I can tell you is that our shooters did phenomenal and everyone who attended Nationals this year should be very proud of their accomplishments. We had shooters place near the top of every individual discipline, and once the scoring gets straighten out I’m sure our squads will do the same. If you would like more information, a subset of the results can be found at, just click on the SCTP logo and select “2011 SCTP American Team Style Championship Results & Status”.

That’s all the information I have for now and I will send out more as soon as I receive it. Just a reminder for those of you who attended Nationals, I need to have an accounting of what you spent on your trip. I don’t need receipts at this time but please hang on to them just in case they ask. Expenses include: gas, transportation, hotels, food, shooting fees, shells, cart rental, and anything else related to the shoot. When we get home I will be sending out all of the expense checks for both Nationals and States.

See you all soon!