Mason-Dixon Newsletter, 2016 Volume 2


Full Trap division practices begin this Wednesday!!!!! Everyone needs to arrive by 6pm sharp. In addition to shooting there will be classroom time so please plan to stay until 8:30pm. If time allows we will try to play a game!

We have ammo to hand out. We have lots of 20 Gauge however the only shells we have in 12 Gauge is 1 1/8oz. If you like to shoot lighter shells make sure you bring some along.

I sent out an email earlier this week about a youth trap shoot on the 16th. Time is running out and I have not heard back from anyone. Please get back to ASAP to sign-up. Sounds like they have some really nice awards!

  • $25 for 100 16 yard targets. They will also be throwing Handicaps and Doubles if you’re interested.
  • Complementary Hat, T-shirt, and 2 boxes of ammo for every youth participant.
  • The winner in each event gets a shamrock prize then medals will be given thereafter. The high over all on anyone who shoots all three events will win a wood trophy that is 18 inches high 10 inches wide and is carved into the state of New Jersey. The medals and the trophies are coming from the Jim White collection.

Hotel information for Trap States if you are interested:

Hampton Inn Danville
97 Old Valley School Rd, Danville, PA 17821
(570) 271-2500
$142/night and the reservation is under “Mason-Dixon Clay Busters”. CUT-OFF DATE is May 10th.



Make sure you check your calendars as we have two sporting clays practices scheduled this week! Thursday kicks off our first practice at Hopewell and Saturday we are back at Blue Ridge.

Our PEN-MAR Shoot is just around the corner. Below is the list of Mason-Dixon athletes who are competing in the PEN-MAR Sporting Clays Shoot on Sunday April 24, 2016.

  • Gillan, James
  • Hayes, Ryan
  • Hoppes, Ian
  • LaBrozzi, Elijah
  • Lloyd, Jacob
  • Mann, Tori
  • Riale, Daniel
  • Rooney, Sam
  • Shenk, Kyle
  • Simmons, Adam
  • Sterner, Chloe
  • Sterner, Dawson
  • Whiteman, Preston
  • Whiteman, Ryane
  • Zwolinski , Eric



There is only one practice remaining before our PEN-MAR Skeet Shoot. Make sure you attend! Below is the final list of Mason-Dixon athletes who are competing in the PEN-MAR Skeet Shoot on April 16, 2016. I will send out additional instructions, squads, and times to those attending later this week.

  • Brayden Bair
  • Zachary Bair
  • Emily Simmons
  • Jacob Lloyd
  • Adam Simmons
  • Dawson Sterner
  • Daniel Riale
  • Sam Rooney
  • Chloe Sterner
  • Kyle Shenk
  • Preston Whiteman
  • Tori Mann



Please check the calendar for updates… Coach Gary has scheduled 2 practices in April. We also made a change to our State Shoot date, the shoot has been moved to May 21st.



It’s the athlete’s responsibility to let us know when you’re running late or not able to attend a scheduled practice or competition.  Like I said at our team meeting, I’m expecting everyone to be at everything they signed up for, unless I hear otherwise! Our coaches are incredible people, they rearranged their schedules and developed training plans for you. Show your respect by letting them know when you cannot make it. Please take a second to look over the schedule and contact me if there are any dates you cannot make.

Don’t forget, athletes should always bring extra ammo with them to every practice, there are times you may need it.