Maryland State AIM Trap Shoot Results

Seventeen members of the Mason-Dixon Clay Busters traveled south of the border to Harvey’s Cedar Gun Club for the Maryland State AIM Trap Championship and gang did not disappoint taking home a boat load of hardware…below are the details.  Thanks to all the coaches and parents who worked so hard to make this event special for the kids!! Also, I wanted to thank everyone who stopped to lend assistance to a few of our teammates who were having a little trouble…everything worked out fine.


2nd Place Open Sub Junior Squad

  • Riale, Daniel
  • Rooney, Sam
  • Stefano, Nick
  • Sterner, Dawson
  • Shenk, Kyle


3rd Place Open Sub Junior Squad

  • Metzger, Nathan
  • Stewart, Julian
  • Adkins, Jeremy
  • Hayes, Ryan
  • Bell, David


1st Place Open  Junior Squad

  • Beardsley, Mark
  • Beardsley, Stephanie
  • Everett, Trey
  • Shenk, Jake
  • Inch, Eric


1st Place Open Lady Individual

  • Beardsley, Stephanie


1st Place Open Senior Individual

  • Lehman, Brian


1st Place Open Junior Individual

  • Beardsley, Mark


2nd Place Open Junior Individual

  • Inch, Eric


1st Place Open Sub Junior Individual

  • Hayes, Ryan


1st Place Open Pre Sub Individual

  • Sterner, Dawson


** I put this list together by memory so please forgive me if I made any errors. The coach at Harvey’s Cedar is sending me his list of winners later this week so I’ll make any correction when I receive the update.