Info for Saturday’s SCTP Shoot at Central Penn

Below are the squads for this Saturday’s SCTP Shoot at Central Penn. There are four things I need EVERYONE on the list to do…

Number ONE, make sure you are a current member of the NSCA. All SCTP Sporting Clays shoots are NSCA registered shoots so it is MANDATORY that you be a member in order to participate. If you haven’t already done so, go to and Enroll or Renew your membership right away.

Number TWO, be on time and ready to shoot. The shoot starts at 9AM so I need everyone at the range ready to go at 8:30AM. Ready to go means ready to go! Eat a good breakfast, clean your gun and get your equipment ready the night before.

Number THREE, make sure you pay Ms. Marcia $29 if you haven’t already done so. Everyone on this list committed to shooting in this event so your name has been submitted to Central Penn for squadding. I need to square up with Central Penn as soon as I get to the range so I will be paying for everyone out of the teams account and I need to have that money reimbursed.

Number FOUR, please send me an email confirming you received this information.

Intermediate Advanced
Reeves, Walter IA
Riale, Daniel IA
Toomey, Sam IA

Junior Varsity
Hayes, Ryan JV
Nelson, Grace JV
Shenk, Kyle JV

Banchiere, Brandon V
Beardsley, Mark V
Shenk, Jake V

Beardsley, Stephanie C
Wetzel, Spencer C

Stefano, Nick IE

This is going to be a really fun shoot. There will be both squad and individual awards for each of the divisions. Last I heard there will be 4 teams coming from all over the state. I have been told that food will be available for purchase, what I don’t know but knowing the way Central Penn does things I’m sure it will be good!

If I don’t see you tonight at Hopewell, I’ll see you all on Saturday! If you have any questions please let me know.