Help Needed - Youth Field Day – May 30, 2015

Mason-Dixon is running the Shotgun Station this Saturday at Izaak Walton’s Youth Field Day and we really need your help. It’s a fun day but it’s a long day so we need a bunch of people to pitch in and help.

For those not familiar with the Youth Field Day and what we do there, it goes like this…. They take approximately 200 young people and break them into groups of 20 or so. The groups then travel around and learn different things about the outdoors at nine stations. One of the stations is the Shotgun station where I teach them a little basic gun safety and then we let them take a few shot (6-8) at some clay targets.

We have a coach at each station to help the kids. The coach controls the ammo, helps them load the gun, and basically makes sure they are safe and pointed down range. It’s a lot of fun but it’s a long day if we only have a few people.

I know we went around and asked a lot of you but I need to know for sure who is going to help so I can put together a schedule. Marica, Mark and I will be there all day. As I remember it starts around 7:30am and ends around 4-5pm.

Please reply to this email if you can help and let me know the times you are available. Once I hear back from everyone I will draft up a schedule.

Izaak Walton is very good to Mason-Dixon and this is something that we can do to help the club!

Thanks for your support!!!!