Glen Rock Shoot information

Below is the Glen Rock shoot attendee list. If you would like to shoot with us and your name is not on the list let me know ASAP. For those attending please remember the following:

• This will be a 100 target 16 yard event, it will be exactly what you’re going to be seeing at the State Shoots
• If you are going to shoot with the team please arrive at the club at 9:30am
• The shoot will cost Juniors $17
• Bring a minimum of 110 shells
• Make sure you wear closed toed shoes and please bring a hat
• Food will be available to purchase at the clubhouse (thanks to those who are helping!)

Attendee List
Adam Simmons
Alexander Dugan
Caleb Snyder
Dan Cook
Isaiah Stevens
Jake Snyder
Justin Main
Kyle Shenk
Mark Beardsley
Ryan Rager
Sam Rooney
Spencer Wetzel
Stephanie Beardsley
Matthew Brosey