First (and Last) Call for Nationals!!!!

Registration for the 2015 SCTP Nationals in Sparta Illinois on July 13-18 opens up on June 1st so I need to know who is in and who is out. I will need time to put my squads together so I MUST know if you are going by May 29th. This date is firm…no exceptions.

Nationals are open to everyone on our team!!! This is not a win at all cost high pressure competition for us. We go to Nationals for enjoyment as it’s a great experience and a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong, we have an outstanding team this year and I think we will do very well. We will practice and prepare ourselves to do our best, but if we fall a little short, it’s ok!! There is a lot of value in participating in an event like this.

If it helps sway you, registrations fees (and hopefully ammo) will be covered by our benefactors.

As far as the schedule…It will depend on what slots are open but the “PLAN” is to shoot Skeet on July 13-14 (Monday-Tuesday), Sporting on July 15-16 (Wednesday – Thursday), and Trap on July 17-18 (Friday – Saturday). It’s not a requirement that you shoot everything!!!! You participate only in the disciplines you want.

The only way to get on the list is to see Marcia at one of our upcoming practices or competitions. Emails and phone calls will not be accepted. May 29th is only a little more than 2 weeks away so we don’t have a lot of time to get this done.

The following athletes put their names on the list at last night’s trap practice:

Adkins, Jeremy – YES
Beardsley, Mark – YES
Beardsley, Stephanie – YES
Bell, David – YES
Carpenter, Claire – YES
Carpenter, Robbie – YES
Mann, Tori – YES
Metzger, Nathan – YES
Rooney, Sam – YES
Sauers, Rachel – YES
Simmons, Adam – YES
Simmons, Emily – YES
Simmons, Sarah – YES
Sterner, Chloe – YES
Sterner, Dawson – YES

Cain, Brandon – NO
Cain, Brody – NO
Gajewski, Garrett – NO
Lewis, Brayden – NO
Riale, Daniel – NO
Shenk, Jake – NO
Shenk, Kyle – NO
Thompson, Nathan – NO
Tyler, Travis – NO
Werdin, Andrew – NO
Wise, Darin – NO

Still need to hear from the following athletes:

Barry, Donovan
Hayes, Ryan
Hoppes, Ian
LaBrozzi, Elijah
Littman, Stuart
Lloyd, Jacob
Nelson, Edwin
Patti, Gianna
Reed, Kristen
Zwolinski , Eric