Clay Busters Picnic at Knobels – Update

Saturday June 11th after the AIM Shoot


  1. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers ( 100 each)-  Wetzel Family
  2. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers Rolls (100 each)-  Filepas Family
  3. Potato Salad and Cole Slaw ( 10lb each) – Barry Family
  4. Paper Plates and Cookies ( Enough for 50 people)- Shenk Family
  5. Condiments and Brownies/Dessert ( Enough for 50 people)- Simmons Family
  6. 2cases of water- Banchiere Family
  7. Forks and knives- Beardsley Family
  8. Chips and Pretzels- Brosey Family
  9. Cups and Chips- Cronister Family
  10. Pretzels- Everett Family
  11. Dessert and Macaroni Salad- Inch Family
  12. Dessert and napkins- Wise Family
  13. Gatorade and Diet Soda- Dugan Family


  1. American cheese (5lb.)
  2. Regular Soda (1 case)
  3. Diet Soda (1 cases)
  4. Large Coolers
  5. Ice


Please feel free to improvise from the list, bring a family specialty. Items needed are a minimum of what we need. Please let me know how many in your family are coming in case we need to increase the number, attending right now we are figuring on 50 people. Please email me at if you can help with needed items or have any questions.
Thanks Mike and Mary Ellen Barry