Calling all Coaches!!!!

Hello All, this is just a reminder…. If you plan to help coach with Mason-Dixon I need you to get your background checks done and your paperwork in to me as soon as possible. In order for us to comply with all the new laws, and adhere to our insurance policies, no one will be allowed to be up on the line working with the shooters without having all of the paperwork and background checks complete. Unfortunately this requirement is nonnegotiable.

Some of you have sent in your information…Thank You! So that everyone knows where they stand I have created a document that list all of our coaches with the requirements that need to be completed. Please look over the document and take care of anything that needs to be done.

Coaches Requirement Check List

To help make things a little easier I tried to condense the steps needed to get everything done.

If you want to help coach you need to do the following:

  1. For Trap, Skeet, and/or Sporting Clays:
  2. For Pistol:
  3. Fill out, sign, and return the INTAKE FORM FOR VOLUNTEERS
  4. If you have been a resident of Pennsylvania for all of the past ten (10) years:
  5. If you have NOT been a resident of Pennsylvania for all of the past ten (10) years:
  6. Finally, if you are a new coach, or if you neglected to do it last year, you must complete the following:

You have two choices to return everything, whatever option you take please insure that your copies are legible.

  1. Mail paper copies of everything to:

Mason-Dixon Clay Busters
213 Pine Street
Glen Rock, PA 17327

  1. Scan and email electronic copies to:


I know that this is a royal pain in the butt and we can’t afford to lose anyone due to all this stupid stuff, but I can’t stress enough how important this is to the future of our program. I value everyone’s time and commitment to the program and I would be more than happy to meet with you and walk you through the process. I can bring along my laptop and printer and we can knock everything out in about an hour.