Assistant Coach Registration Form

Hello all, sorry this took a little longer than I anticipated. Below is a link to the SCTP’s 2013-14 Volunteer Position Registration Form. If you are interested in becoming a registered assistant coach for the Mason-Dixon Clay Busters please fill out the form and send it back to ME, not the SCTP, as soon as possible. The process includes a background check and a couple hours of online training. The team will pay the fees ($30) as long as you commit to coaching the kids for the 2013-14 season.

As I discussed with many of you at the end of last season, I’m really counting on a few of you going through this process because for all SCTP events (practices, matches, etc.), Team Members must be under the supervision of the Team’s Head Coach. In the event the Head Coach cannot be present, he/she must designate an Assistant Coach/Adult Volunteer who is registered with the SCTP and covered by SSSF Insurance. Violation of this rule voids the Volunteer Liability Insurance Policy coverage, disqualifies the Team from entering an event, and may result in the removal of the Head Coach from the SCTP. To keep this program going, we need more committed support.

Volunteer Position Registration Form – {title}

Assistant Coach Duties: Assist Head Coach, or designated Assistant Coach, to organize and run practice and competition  sessions, oversee squads and provide firearm safety and basic shooting fundamentals, work with individual shooters as needed, carry out drills or other shooting related activities, and most of all providing lots of positive feedback to a great group of young people!!!

Return completed Registration Form to: Mason-Dixon Clay Busters, 213 Pine Street, Glen Rock PA 17327