And the winner is…..

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Marcia and I have been running up and down the east coast the past few weeks so hopefully things will settle down and get back to normal. Returning athletes, get your SCTP paperwork in if you want to lock in your spot on next team, or if plan take advantage of the Black Friday shoot at Blue Ridge. With things back to normal I’ll be able to finalize the Mason-Dixon schedule and open our registration up to everyone by mid to late November.

And the winner is….. The competition was close with some spots coming down to the final week!

Finishing in the top spot and this year’s High Over All (HOA) combined Trap & Skeet winners are Tori Mann (93.17) for Raw Score and Jeremy Adkins (97.42) for Handicapped. Congratulations to Tori and Jeremy for some outstanding shooting!

Moving on to our Skeet Division. Starting with Raw Score, Dawson Sterner (45.88) finishes in first place with Sam Rooney (38.75) taking second and Elijah LaBrozzi (37.13) finishing third. In Handicapped, Jacob Lloyd (48.43) finishes in first place with Adam Simmons (47.26) taking second and Chloe Sterner (46.88) finishing third.

In our Trap Division. Again starting with Raw Score, Nathan Metzger (47.13) finishes in first place with David Bell (42.50) taking second and Elijah LaBrozzi (42.13) finishing third. In Handicapped, Dawson Sterner (48.25) finishes in first place with Jacob Lloyd (47.77) taking second and Robbie Carpenter (47.68) just edging out Gianna Patti (47.43) for third.

The awards are on the way and as soon as they arrive I will schedule an evening to do the presentations. I want to thank everyone who participated in Mason-Dixon’s first ever ePostal League.  Especially the parents and helpers who took on a leadership role and helped organize and score for the kids. Overall I think things went very well but I value your opinion so if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to pass them on.

Don’t forget; get your SCTP paperwork in and sign up for the Blue Ridge Black Friday Shoot!!!!

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Athlete Name Disipline Weeks Shot Raw
Handicapped Average
Tori Mann Skeet 6 47.00 48.77
Dawson Sterner Skeet 8 45.88 48.90
Samuel Rooney Skeet 8 38.75 47.54
Elijah LaBrozzi Skeet 8 37.13 47.22
Jeremy Adkins Skeet 6 45.33 48.75
Jacob Lloyd Skeet 8 45.13 48.43
Adam Simmons Skeet 6 37.50 47.26
Chloe Sterner Skeet 8 36.50 46.88
Tori Mann Trap 6 46.17 48.53
Nathan Metzger Trap 8 47.13 48.37
David Bell Trap 8 42.50 46.08
Elijah LaBrozzi Trap 8 42.13 47.45
Jeremy Adkins Trap 6 46.50 48.67
Dawson Sterner Trap 8 43.50 48.25
Jacob Lloyd Trap 8 40.50 47.77
Robbie Carpenter Trap 7 40.00 47.68