All Clays Tournament at Loch Raven, October 10, 2015

Just passing this on…This is not an official Mason-Dixon event but I think some of our athletes would do VERY well at this shoot!!!!!

The Loch Raven Skeet & Trap Center (LRSTC) will be holding a special All Clays Tournament for the third year in a row. The All Clays Tournament is being held on Saturday, October 10, 2015. First rounds start at 10am . Get there early and sign in and get your tickets. This shoot is open to all friends and members. This is a special shoot with a very unique format.

Sign up and shoot (2) rounds of Skeet, (2) rounds of Trap, (1) round of Wobble and (1) round of 5-Stand. There is a sign-up sheet on the front counter in the clubhouse. Shooters may shoot the gun of their choice at each event or the same gun in all of them. The events are shot in no particular order. The scores from each event will be combined for a total of 150 targets . One champion will be decided with ties broken by 5-Stand simultaneous pairs. Cash prizes will then be awarded based on a Lewis Class model.

The event will have an entry fee of $45 , which is a few bucks more than last year because of the additional rounds of Skeet and Trap. However, $5 of the entry fee will be returned to the pot. Also lunch will be provided. This shoot is set up to provide a venue for all of our members and friends to get together in a setting of friendly competition. So plan ahead, come on out to meet and mix with the rest of the Center’s members and friends, enjoy the fall shooting weather and have a good time breaking clays.

Also, Loch Raven is having a ‘Swap Meet’ the same day as the All Clays Tournament. During the day on Saturday, October 10, 2015, you have the opportunity to bring whatever gear you wish to trade, sell or bargain away while the club carries on the scheduled shoot. The Harry Wright Pavilion will be used for that purpose. So again, plan ahead, bring those new, used, or previously enjoyed items you wish to swap and make a deal during the day’s events. Remember to mark your gear with the price you want and bargain from there using the picnic tables to display your wares.