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2017 International Trap (Bunker) Training Day Sign-Up (11/27/17)

Date: November 27, 2017

Fast, Fun, and Free!!!! On November 27, 2017 we are planning a second trip north to Dalmatia, PA to visit our friends at Keystone Shooting Park for a Beginner/Training day. Keystone is a world-class destination for the training of North American Olympic-class shotgun competitors. Its high-tech state-of-the-art facility is truly one of the nation’s finest Olympic style ranges.

This event is open to ALL Mason-Dixon athletes so don’t be intimidated as this will be a perfect opportunity for you give the international style of trap a try. Targets will be covered by the team; athletes are responsible for providing their own ammo.

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Athletes #1: Mark B.
#2: Elijah L.
#3: Michael D.
#4: Joey D.
#5: Emily S.
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