2017 PA SCTP Sporting Clays Championship Recap!

Mason-Dixon’s Sporting Clays athletes traveled northeast to the Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club and the 2017 PA SCTP Sporting Clays Championship. Even with a few problems with the traps, the club did an excellent job putting on the event. As in the past, that BBQ’ed chicken was outstanding!!!

The 100 target Sporting Clays event drew 208 athletes from across the state. The course included some very difficult stations; however, our athletes were prepared and managed to do very well.

I’m so proud of this year’s sporting clays division. The way the group pulled together and encouraged each other was amazing. Everyone shot above their average! The effort and dedication of our athletes, coaches, and parents was commendable!!!

Below is a list of our athletes who placed on Saturday, please join me in congratulating them on their outstanding achievements!!!

3rd Place Varsity Squad – 245 (25 varsity squads were in this division)
Daniel Riale – 80
Sam Rooney – 83
Elijah LaBrozzi – 82

3rd Place Open Squad – 205
Dawson Sterner – 84
Chloe Sterner – 60
Ryanne Whiteman – 61

1st Place Collegiate – Preston Whiteman 94 (High Overall Score of the Day)
3rd Place Intermediate/Advanced Lady – Ryanne Whiteman 61

Here is a link to all the scores… 2017 PA SCTP Sporting Clays Results

In related news, we still have a few details to work out but I’m very happy to say that Mason-Dixon’s Sporting Clays division will be back in 2018. In addition, we just received word that the Blue Ridge Sportsman Club has been selected to host the 2018 PA SCTP Sporting Clays Championship. Being that Blue Ridge is our practice home, it should really help everyone cut down on next year’s travel expenses…and that’s good news!