2016-17 Mason-Dixon Clay Busters Registration Information

Below is a link to the 2016-17 Mason-Dixon Clay Busters Registration Package. As always, returning team members get first crack at our openings. On January 15, 2017 all remaining spots will open up to new members.

Fees that we charge represents only a fraction of the actual cost of our program. This deep discount is made possible by our fundraising efforts, grants, and individual donations that help us lower the cost of our program to our Athletes. Please take a moment to check out our website for a listing of our sponsors and make it a priority to thank them!

What’s New?
We have made a few changes to our program for 2017. First, our Trap practices will move from Wednesday to Tuesday! We feel this is a positive move, one that will make our program available to many more families.

Secondly and I’m saying this with deep regret, we have closed our Sporting Clays division to new members. Only athletes who were on the team (Trap, Skeet, or Sporting) in 2016 will be allowed to register for Sporting Clays in 2017. This limited Sporting Clays division will run through the 2017 season however the discipline will be eliminated in 2018. As always, it comes down to finding a sufficient number of dedicated, qualified, volunteer coaches for each of our disciplines. If we don’t have the coaches, we can’t offer the discipline.  If our situations changes, and we are able to acquire additional coaching, this all could change. If you, or anyone you know, would like become a volunteer coach please have them contact me at number/email listed below.

Some basic information:
There are a limited number of openings in each Division. Openings will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Once filled these Divisions will be closed and additional members will not be accepted.

  • Trap Division (40 openings available)
  • Skeet Division (20 openings available)
  • Sporting Clays Division (Closed to new members. Only open to athletes who were on the team (Trap, Skeet, or Sporting) in 2016)

For those athletes listed below who participated in the Fall Fun Trap League and previously turned in your SCTP forms and $20 payment, please make sure to disregard that cost on page 1 and skip pages 3-6 of this Registration Package.

  • Bell, David
  • Carpenter, Robbie
  • DeVoe, Carson
  • Fromm, Oliver
  • Gail, James
  • Knepper, Ben
  • LaBrozzi, Elijah
  • Lloyd, Jacob
  • McKnight, Michael
  • Metzger, Nathan
  • Mills, Matthew
  • Orr, Connor
  • Orr, Hunter
  • Patti, Gianna
  • Riale, Daniel
  • Rooney, Sam
  • Simmons, Emily
  • Sterner, Chloe
  • Sterner, Dawson
  • Temple, Noah

If you have any questions or need assistance please email coach@masondixonclaybustrs.com or call 717-235-0743.

2016-17 Mason-Dixon Clay Busters Registration Package