2015 PA State SCTP Sporting Clays Championship Results

The rain held off for the shooters on the course, the targets were challenging but breakable, and the food…well two out of three ain’t bad..lol. Seriously, Saturday was a historic day for the Mason-Dixon Clay Busters and it’s athletes. It was the first time we have ever placed as a squad in an SCTP sporting clays event. Mason-Dixon outright won the JV division and then tied for first in the Varsity division, eventually taking home second place after a shoot-off. These are biggest and most tightly contested divisions. This is an awesome way to end a season!!!

I’m so proud of this year’s sporting clays division. Not everyone on the team won awards on Saturday but the way the group pulled together and encouraged each other was amazing. The effort and dedication by our athletes and parents was commendable!!! If you were one of the fortunate ones who took home an award, congratulations! If not don’t be discouraged, with hard work and commitment you too will persevere.

Let’s not forget that this historic year would not have been possible without the time and dedication of our amazing sporting clays coaches. All of our coaches were exceptional this year but we need to send out a special thank you to Steve Beam, Mike Kelly, and Joe Clarkson for putting in countless hours and getting the team in tip-top shape. Thanks guys I can’t put into words my personal gratitude I have for you three… you should be very proud of your accomplishments!!!

One other person who deserves a lot of credit for our Sporting Clays success this year is Anthony Matarese. For those who may not know, Mason-Dixon had two group training sessions with Anthony this year and eight of the nine Mason-Dixon athletes who won awards this weekend participated in one, if not both, of those training sessions. His teaching style and pinpoint instruction gave us a solid base to follow and the confidence we had been lacking in previous years. Thanks Anthony… we’ll see you soon with our next group of champions!

Below is a list of our athletes who placed on Saturday, please join me in congratulating them on their outstanding achievements!!!

  • 1st Place Senior/Jr. Varsity Squad – 229
    • Tori Mann – 77
    • Daniel Riale – 82
    • Ian Hoppes – 70
  • 2nd Place Senior/Varsity Squad – 244
    • Jeremy Adkins – 77
    • Sam Rooney – 83
    • Ryan Hayes – 84
  • 2nd Place Intermediate/Advanced Individual – Dawson Sterner 82
  • 3rd Place Senior/Varsity Individual – Ryan Hayes 84
  • 3rd Place Senior/Jr. Varsity Individual – Daniel Riale 82
  • 1st Place Senior/Jr. Varsity Lady – Tori Mann 77
  • 1st Place Collegiate Lady – Stephanie Beardsley 69
  • HOA Lady – Tori Mann 77