2013 PA State SCTP Sporting Clays Shoot Info

What & When: The Mason-Dixon Clay Busters will be participating in the PA SCTP State Sporting Clays Championship on Saturday, June 15, 2013. This event is only for youth shooters so there will not be adults participating in the shoot. This SCTP state championship is a team/squad event. Team/squad awards will be given out in six categories based on grade, Rookie – Grades 5 and below, Intermediate Entry Level – Grades 6-8, Intermediate Advanced – Grades 6-8, Senior Junior Varsity – Grades 9-12, Senior Varsity – Grades 9-12, and College Division. In addition to the SCTP team/squad awards, individual awards will be presented for each category.

Where: Hunting Hills, 181 Hunting Hill Road, Dilliner Pennsylvania. When you arrive look for the Mason-Dixon banner and/or our canopies.

Time: TBD..The overall shoot starts at 9:00am. However start times for our squads have yet to be determined. I hope to have this information sooner however squad times will be posted on our website (masondixonclaybusters.com) no later than 10:00pm Friday June 14, 2013. The shoot will be broken into two flights, the AM flight will begin at 9:00am and the PM flight will begin around 12:30pm. I will need all AM Squad shooters at the range no later than 7:45am and I will need all PM Squad shooters at the range 10:45am. If you reserved a cart for the day make sure you arrive a little early to pick it up.

The Day of the Event: SIGN IN AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE. Shooters will be shooing on squads of 3. Squads will be assigned a squad number. Your squad number will tell you where (starting station) and when (AP or PM) your squad will shoot. We will organize everyone from our canopy area where each squad will be assigned an Adult Leader. PAY ATTENTION TO THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN TO YOU BY YOUR ADULT LEADER.

There will be a mandatory safety briefing, 8:30am for AM Squads and 12:00pm for PM Squads. When it’s time, Adult Leaders will round up their squads and lead them to their starting station. Once at your starting station, you will shoot your first targets, just like practice. When you’re done your first station you grab your gear and head over to your next station. Once there you’ll have time to get a quick drink and grab ammo, then its right back up there. You will do this for a total of 100 targets. Don’t rush, but please make every effort to keep things moving. If you arrive at a station before the squad in front has finished, please wait quietly not to disturb them. Parents I need your help with this.

When you’re done shooting head back over to our canopies and wait for further instructions. I need everyone to be available at a moment’s notice for the awards ceremony. They traditionally don’t give us a lot of warning. If you must leave the canopy area, please let someone know when you will be back and how you can be reached. Please don’t put the responsibility on me to hunt you down.

Food: Lunch will be provided to all shooters and parents who purchased extra meals. Lunch will be served to all PM Squads at 11:00am. PM Squads need to eat before they shoot because the food will be gone by the time you finish shooting. AM Squads will eat when they have finished shooting. Pastries and coffee will be available in the morning. Ice Cream will be available in the afternoon.

Additional Information: There will be a lot of teams competing at these shoots so we need to try our best not to disturb the other competitors. That includes no yelling or loud talking near or around the stations and ABSOLUTELY NO HORSEPLAY WHILE AT THE RANGE! It’s best to move away from the stations as quickly as possible after you are done shooting.


Once the day begins, please do not stray away from our group until we are done with the awards. If you must leave the group please make sure you inform a coach and provide them with a way for you to be reached. Remember this is your day. Make the most of it. Think only positive thoughts and most of all, be safe, have fun and shoot well.

Practice: A practice course will be open from 9:00am – 5:00pm on Friday, June 14, 2013 for anyone who wants to shoot a practice round on their own. Cost is $30 for 100 targets.

Things to remember: This is meant to be fun for the kids, the parents, & everyone involved. Let’s all try and remember that. Good sportsmanship is a MUST! If there is a problem, look me up. We will try and solve it. I have my cell phone with me at all times 443-463-1667.  SCTP rules apply to all shooters & spectators. Ear & eye protection are mandatory.  Please allow 1 hour after last squad comes in for award ceremony to begin.



Mason-Dixon Two (Intermediate/Advanced)
Flight: 1 Time: 6/15/2013 9:00 AM Location: 1
    Athlete 1: Reeves, Walter Intermediate/Advanced
    Athlete 2: Toomey, Sam Intermediate/Advanced
    Athlete 3: Riale, Daniel Intermediate/Advanced
Mason-Dixon Three (Senior/Jr. Varsity)
Flight: 2 Time: 6/15/2013 12:30 PM Location: 5
    Athlete 1: Hayes, Ryan Senior/Jr. Varsity
    Athlete 2: Nelson, Grace Senior/Jr. Varsity
    Athlete 3: Simmons, Adam Intermediate/Advanced
Mason-Dixon One (Senior/Varsity) 
Flight: 2 Time: 6/15/2013 12:30 PM Location: 9
    Athlete 1: Cook, Daniel Senior/Varsity
    Athlete 2: Beardsley, Mark Senior/Varsity
    Athlete 3: Banchiere, Brandon Senior/Varsity
Mason-Dixon Five (Collegiate) 
Flight: 2 Time: 6/15/2013 12:30 PM Location: 17
    Athlete 1: Beardsley, Stephanie Collegiate
    Athlete 2: Wetzel, Spencer Collegiate
    Athlete 3: Lehman, Brian Collegiate
Smokin V-3/Mason Dixon Claybusters 
Flight: 2 Time: 6/15/2013 12:30 PM Location: 14
    Athlete 1: Sharpe, Alexa Senior/Varsity
    Athlete 2: Ruschak, Noah Intermediate/Advanced
    Athlete 3: Simmons, Sarah Senior/Varsity