2013 Maryland State AIM Championship Information

When: Saturday, June 29th, 2013 @ 8:30am

Where: Harvey’s Cedar Gun Club
1640 Poole Road 
Darlington, Maryland 21034

Center map

Cost: $27, includes lunch to all AIM participants and family members.

Shoot information: First squads will go out at 9:15am so please plan to arrive no later then 8:30am. I’m not familiar with this club so I don’t know where we will setup be in the morning, look for our blue canopy and sign in as soon as you arrive. Make sure you bring along lawn chairs as there is no seating at the club.  Also, Mason-Dixon will need to provide scorers to help score the kids so I will be looking for parents to help out, please volunteer if you are able.



Junior Squad One

Beardsley, Mark 1.1
Beardsley, Stephanie 1.2
Everett, Trey 1.3
Shenk, Jake 1.4
Inch, Eric 1.5


Alternate/Senior Squad Two

Wetzel, Spencer 2.1
Lehman, Brian 2.2
Hayes, Ryan 2.3


Sub Junior Squad Three

Riale, Daniel 3.1
Rooney, Sam 3.2
Stefano, Nick 3.3
Sterner, Dawson 3.4
Shenk, Kyle 3.5


Sub Junior Squad Four

Metzger, Nathan 4.1
Stewart, Julian 4.2
Adkins, Jeremy 4.3
Toomey, Sam 4.4
Bell, David 4.5